Expansion into Europe and around the globe

The brands such as Griotte and Bajadera, Dorina chocolate, Animal Kingdom, Napolitanke wafers, Domaćica and Petit Beurre biscuits, Ki-Ki and Bronhi candies are the favourite sweet treats of many consumers not only in the domestic market but also worldwide.

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The largest biscuit and wafer manufacturer in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mira a.d., became part of Kraš and continued to bring joy to its buyers with its imaginative products.


Happy 50th birthday to Bajadera

Through long years of its existence, Bajadera has kept its original method of manufacturing and quality and become the flagship of the Kraš range, synonymous with the quality and superior taste.


Choco Bar opened for business in Zagreb’s downtown

In Zagreb, the first Choco Bar opened for business, becoming the place to enjoy the unique chocolate cocktails and superior hand-made chocolate pralines and other chocolate treats.

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