The birth of Kraš 

Union, Bizjak and other smaller manufacturers merged under the name of Josip Kraš, an antifascist fighter and trade unionist.

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The first Kraš Bonbonnière Shop

The first Kraš Bonbonnière Shop opened for business in the very heart of Zagreb, in the most famous street of Zagreb, at 15 Ilica Street.  


The birth of the queen of chocolates

The queen of chocolates – the well-known and much loved Bajadera – was born.


Let’s meet Animal Kingdom

Thin chocolate bars changed their name to Animal Kingdom, the first album got into print: it was then that the story of one of the most famous chocolate bars in the region was launched.


Domaćica – a family favourite

A delicious chocolate-coated tea biscuit, a family favourite – Domaćica – first appeared in the Kraš product range. 


Packaging Oscar

'505 WITH A LINE' hard candies won the Oscar for the quality of its packaging. 

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