Dorina's redesign was awarded Red Dot

In addition to excellent flavors, Dorina has also won an important international award. For the redesign of the favorite chocolates, Kraš and Studio Sonda won the Red Dot main award, one of the most influential awards in the world of design, in the Brands & Communications Design and Packaging Design category. For Kraš, it is the first Red Dot and confirmation of new directions in more playful, open, and modern communication not only of Dorina but also of other well-known and beloved treats from the sweetest domestic factory. More modern design and more responsible packaging Dorina presented its new colors to consumers at the beginning of this year, and it is characterized by an even more carefully elaborated cover of a characteristic red color and a minimally changed recognizable logo that, modeled on the modern smiley symbol, smiles at consumers from the shelves of all sales points in the region and beyond. For the presentation of more than twenty flavors, triangle elements were used, which were also found on the first Kraš chocolates from the 80s of the last century. This is a kind of homage to the priceless 111 years of Kraš tradition and the decades-long presence of Dorina in consumers' baskets. As a socially responsible company, when planning the redesign, Kraš took into account environmentally friendly raw materials, as well as packaging materials, so the new design also brought an improvement in packaging materials. The new flow pack packaging is thus fully recyclable and preserves the freshness and quality of the product even better.
A clear vision for even greater recognition The packaging is designed by Studio Sonda, whose team includes creative directors Jelena Fiškuš and Sean Poropat, designers Aleksandar Živanov, Martina Ukić and Sanda Maričić, and chief account manager Mladen Gvozden. "Dorina has changed its appearance several times over the past 26 years, and although it is one of the favorite chocolate brands on the market in the region, the consistency of the brand through packaging, color and recognition were not fully established. We saw room for improvement there and wanted to give it an iconic design that will lead to better visibility on the shelves in the long term and the perception of a truly wide range of flavors, but visibly united under a unique brand. When the market results and such reactions from the profession come together in the form of design awards, it is proof that we and the brand are on the right track and we are looking forward to this success and productive cooperation with the team from Kraš. For Sonda, this is the 17th Red Dot award", said Jelena Fiškuš and Sean Poropat, creative directors of Sonda Studio.
Kraš's team consisted of Nikša Farac, senior brand manager, Paulina Jurić, assistant brand manager, Nevena Pivac, marketing consultant and member of the Supervisory Board, and Marina Knežević, marketing director. "We are delighted with the award, which comes as the crowning glory of our efforts to redesign Dorina. As Dorina is one of the most popular products, the design of which consumers have somehow 'accustomed' to, we faced a big challenge, primarily due to the large number of flavors that had to be presented in a dignified way and highlighted in the right way. In addition, it had to be made both photogenic and delicious at the same time, while retaining the affection of Dorina's fans. Red Dot confirmed to us that we succeeded in our intention to give Dorina a timeless design with elements of a modern display of ingredients, while at the same time paying tribute to the tradition of Kraš and indisputable quality. We are glad that we were actively involved in the entire design process with Studio Sonda, whose experience in this field is unquestionable, and that we shared the vision of what we wanted from the very beginning - a unique, modern, and noticeable product with a clear distinction of the wide range of Dorina's flavors. In this way, in addition to the very positive reaction of loyal consumers, we also received confirmation from the profession that Dorina is an excellent product", said Marina Knežević, Kraša's marketing director.
One of the world's biggest awards for design The Red Dot Award has been awarded since 1955 and today is considered one of the most influential in the world of design. The award aims to evaluate the most intelligent design works from the world of product design, communication, packaging, and concept and prototype design. Submitted works were evaluated by 24 experts in design and communication from all over the world according to the criteria of originality and creativity of the idea, quality of design and innovation, and understanding and emotional reach toward the audience. The awards will be presented to the winners at a ceremony in Berlin on October 28.