Bajadera Panettone – for holidays woven with pleasure

Holidays are full of symbols that irresistibly remind us that the time of the year has come that shines in our hearts like lights on a pine tree. The time when it's cold outside, but warm in the soul, and when we need the closeness of loved ones more than ever. For the family gathering around the table to be created for the warmest and sweetest memories, Kraš and Kroštula collaborated and combined top flavors for unforgettable holidays.

The masters from Kroštula in charge of making panettone confirmed that this is not just any panettone and that they very carefully choose all the ingredients they put into this special dessert. This panettone is combined with Bajadera and that's why it's so good. And to delight us with its taste, careful care is taken in its preparation. Without additives, produced with wild yeasts, it takes three days from mixing to packaging and is enriched with what makes the real difference - a perfect spread of nougat and the finest cocoa. And that's why Bajadera Panettone this year is synonymous with the royal enjoyment of the holidays.

With it, we can say: "I want to share the sweetest moments with you" or "I'm giving you something from the heart". And to be sure that we gave our best, the best of Kraš and Kroštula.

You can buy Bajadera Panettone in Kraš's bonbonnières and on Kroštula's web shop ( ) and share the holiday magic with others by putting this delicacy on the table.

Presjek Bajadera Panettone