A family favourite

The family home is unthinkable without Domaćica, a crunchy tea biscuit covered with 23% of Kraš chocolate.

Its high quality and distinctiveness have made Domaćica popular with all age groups, making it possible for Domaćica to remain trendy for decades. With five embossed patterns under trademark protection, this Kraš’ flagship product is a real asset to the image of the company. Over the years, Domaćica range has offered a wide selection of flavours that made an instant success – besides Domaćica Original, there are also available Domaćica Integral, Domaćica with Dark Chocolate, Domaćica with Dorina Milk Chocolate, Domaćica Coconut and seasonal offerings such as Domaćica with White Chocolate and Domaćica Raspberry and White Chocolate, that really have taken off with consumers.