Biscuits and Wafers

Kraš tea biscuits, cookies and wafers, plain or chocolate-coated, cream-filled or chocolate chip, are all made out of best natural ingredients – cereals, honey, butter and eggs – according to traditional home cooking recipes
  • Domaćica

    FAMILY’S FAVOURITE Chocolate-coated tea biscuit Domaćica has been a part of Kraš’s assortment since 1957. Domaćica is one of the carriers of Kraš image, a favourite product...

  • Petit Beurre

    BUTTER BISCUITS PETIT BEURRE is a product with the long tradition and is one of the carriers of Kraš’s image. Butter, harmoniously combined with natural ingredients, honey and milk,...

  • Napolitanke

    An exquisite combination of crispy wafer sheets and a variety of tasty creams offers a rich range of flavours, as a result of a long-lasting experience and tradition in wafer production.Kraš Napolitanke...

  • Harmonija

  • Tortica

    Tortica is among the best-known Kraš brands. These products are intended primarily for young consumers, but also for all those that lead a hectic lifestyle and often have a sweet snack.

  • Batons

    A wafer product combines crispness of wafer with the rich taste of chocolate cream. The product will give you a great sense of satisfaction at your table every time.
  • Jaffa

    KRAŠ´s Jaffa – a combination of a tasty soft sponge base with a delicious orange jelly covered in chocolate – is a fine confectionery for every occasion. The secret of Jaffa lies...